Customer Focus
  • Understanding current and future customer needs.
  • Meeting the customer's requirements.
  • Striving to exceed the customer's expectations.

  • Creating an environment where everyone can contribute to quality.

Engagement with People
  • Making everyone aware of the need to contribute to quality.
  • Ensuring full engagement in activities that impact quality.

Process Approach
  • Developing a commitment to describing all work in terms of processes.

System Approach
  • Managing the business as a set of interacting processes.

Continual Improvement
  • Encouraging constant refinement of processes to improve quality.

Fact Based Management
  • Making decisions based on analysis of process data.

Mutually Beneficial Business Relationships
  • Developing close co-operative relationships with Business Associates.

About sandstrom
SandStrom Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is a global Information Technology (IT) company with an aim to maximize our client's productivity and profit by providing universal IT solutions and services for their business needs. Headquartered in New-Delhi, India, SandStrom is thriving to serve our global clients with utmost commitment to bring them ultimate peace of mind for all their IT-needs.

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